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Stihul acesta l-am scris pentru cei mai simpli spre dreapta stiinta, pentru ca unii au avut indrazneala sa spuna cu necredinta ca ierburile si legumele ar fi insufletite. Le spun acestora: Ierburile au viata firii, suflet insa n-au. Iar omul se numeste animal rational pentru ca are minte si este capabil de stiinta. Celelalte dobitoace pamantesti si din aer au glas in ele fiindca au duh (pneuma) si suflet. Si toate cele care cresc si scad sunt vietuitoare, fiindca vietuiesc si cresc, dar pentru aceea nu au si suflet. Iar deosebirile vietuitoarelor sunt patru: Unele sunt nemuritoare si insufletite ca ingerii, altele au minte, suflet si duh, ca oamenii, altele au numai : duh si suflet ca dobitoacele, iar altele numai viata ca ierburile, in ierburi dainuieste viata fara suflet, fara duh si fara minte. Iar toate celelalte fara viata nu pot sa fie. Si tot sufletul omenesc este intr-o miscare necontenita de la un loc la altul. (Sf.Antonie Cel Mare -- Filocalia vol.1)

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Descarca Istoria Crestinismului Ortodox

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Captura Imagine
Un film documentar facut de greci, produs de Greek Orthodox Telecommunications 1992; mai jos aveti in engleza continutul acestui documentar.

This ambitious project is designed to be the most detailed worldwide television presentation of the Orthodox Church, Her traditions, and Her sacramental life. The programs, produced in English and Greek, will serve as an educational tool for the Christian Orthodox Church in addressing the needs of a world-dispersed audience, and in making Orthodoxy better understood among those who are unfamiliar with this ancient Christian Church.

PART 1: THE BEGINNINGS- Church and State - Ecumencial Councils - Nicene Creed - Iconoclasm - Fathers of the Church - Monasticism - The Splendor of Aghia Sophia - Mission to the Slavs - The Great Schism - Crusades - Fall of Byzantium (Running Time: 28:30)

PART 2: BYZANTIUM - The Early Church - From Jerusalem to the Nations - Christianity and Hellenism - Catacombs and Persecution - The Early Martyrs - Administrative Structure - Birth of Byzantium Legalization of the Church (Running Time: 28:30)

PART 3: HIDDEN TREASURE - Church in Captivity - Moscow: The Third Rome - Greek Revolution - The Ancient Patriarchates Today - New World - Russia After Communism - Challenges for the Future - The Essence of the Church (Running Time: 28:30)

Review Video Librarian, Mar./Apr. 2006

Produced by Greek Orthodox Telecommunications, this three-part program does an excellent job of recounting the history and beliefs of Orthodox Christianity, while also examining the differences between the various branches. Artistically filmed on location in Israel, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Russia, England, and the U.S., the first part – "The Beginnings" – explores the founding of the Church, from the New Testament-related life and death of Jesus Christ, through the missionary work of the apostles, and subsequent persecutions and martyrdoms, while magnificent art and architecture of the period help to illustrate the narrative. The other two episodes in the series – "Byzantium" and "A Hidden Treasure" – look at the Crusades, the rise of the Church during the flowering of the Byzantine Empire and suppression after Byzantium's fall in Islamic and Communist countries, waves of immigration to the West that brought orthodoxy to the New World, ad the state of the Church today. Highly recommended.

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